Style is for Life

How good to know that the one true figure type is imperfect.

Have you ever met anybody, and I hear this is true of stars and supermodels in particular, who thinks that their body is perfect? Did you know that Uma Thurman has size 11 feet and that Charlotte Church spends a great deal of time in shape-shifter underwear?

Plastic surgery is a short term answer to pulling up the wrinkles and the bits that are two, or more, inches lower or wider than they once were but it isn’t an answer to finding yourself style.

Dieting and fitness regimes can help to mould the body but if you’ve got wide hips, large feet and a short neck no amount of dieting or fitness training is going to make a change to those attributes. Dieting and fitness regimes are not an answer to finding yourself style.

Once you understand style you can use it to your advantage for the rest of your life because it will give you the confidence to manage the figure that you are born with in the clothes, shoes and accessories that you choose to wear.

There are formulae for how to enhance and play down areas of your body type. They are entertaining and interesting to look at but they can only be generalisations. They are guidelines. It’s you – with the aid of a steadfast and resolute eye and a good mirror – that can determine what really works. Once you’ve equipped yourself with an accurate sense of your raw material the fun begins because there are no firm “dos” and “donts”. Let your eyes make the decisions.

Style is for life.

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