haircutI was talking to my good friend Jan last night. Like me she is in a lull waiting for the excitement to begin – and it has nothing to do with storm Abigail making its way down country – although it will mean us having to hold on to our hats and to sporting blown away hair styles!

Jan is in a lull because as a mobile hairdresser of many years she knows how the Christmas rush goes … women hang onto to their old cut and colour as long as they can so that at Christmas they can sparkle with newness. Right now work is slow from next week onwards it will be full on each and every day until Christmas Eve.

I am in a lull because, as you’ll know if you have read the December newsletter (some very good reader style bargains to be had), I am awaiting the birth of our first grandson. He is overdue mainly I think because his Dad keeps giving him tummy kisses and his Mum coos softly to him in Spanish. I don’t think I would want to move either. As soon as he arrives a driving dash will be made to Plymouth to see this new, very wondrous being.

What he will look like no one knows although guesses can be made from his scan photos … long legs, high forehead and snub nose. I don’t mention hair here because that we can’t see – although it is likely with both grandparents and parents all having very curly hair that it is unlikely to be straight.

Interestingly we all deal with the curliness in different ways. In his youth future Grandad had a huge Jimi Hendrix lion-like afro (as did I – instant attraction!) now he has lost most of his so that is sorted.). Future Dad keeps his very short. Future Granny goes to the hairdressers every week and has hers blow dried and tonged to be straight with bounce and doesn’t touch it herself. Future Mum washes her hair daily and uses de-frizz products before tying it up in an interesting and sophisticated way.

Hair is so important to most of us that we even talk of “bad hair days”. When we do we all know what that means – even if it has nothing to do with hair.

Last week I went off to buy more Purple Haze dye for my hair – and found it is no longer on the shelves. Devastation! I love the colour my hair is at the moment – and am not best pleased to be having to change because the manufacturer’s have decided to stop making what I want. Frustrating. I wanted to be a granny with Purple Haze highlights not Ultra Violet, Pinky Purple or Deep Purple. I have had what works taken away from me. Can you hear the stamping of feet????!

So, let’s end on a positive note (I’ll just simmer away quietly in the background) and look at the right cut for you Here are a few tips from Joel Goncalves. I have more information at hand about all face shapes if you want more information for different face shapes and features contact me: [email protected] I have a sheet that you may find useful.

First take a good look at your face shape & the scale of your features within it.

The most dominant shapes and features are what need working with if you want your hair to be as effective as it can be. Please, forget about age as a factor.

Most importantly play up features that you want to play up and play down features that you want to play down.:
Square jawline: Avoid fringes and go for a softer shape around the face. A style just past the chin or neckline works well as it softens the look, Keep it short and you will accentuate the jawline.
Round face: Very easy to slim down. A fringe will slim the face. Volume around it will accentuate the roundness.
High Cheekbones: A shorter gamine cut will suit work particularly well if you have large, prominent eyes too. If this feels too much is to compromise by having a style that is longer at the nape.
Heart shape: Shorter layers will add volume.

  • And don’t forget:
    Going from long to short can often be too much in one go. Think about doing it in stages. Find images of these stages so that your hairdresser has a visual idea of where you want to go. This works well going from short to long too.
  • Even if you only want a blow dry and no, or little cut, give your hairdresser a couple of images so that they can see the sort of look/vibe that you are hankering after rather than asking them to just copy a style or repeat what you have.
  • Have a consultation before doing anything drastic whether it be cut or colour.
  • Do your homework find a good hairdresser – and don’t stay with someone just because you would feel awful going somewhere else. A good hairstyle goes hand-in-hand with a good hairdresser.
  • A good hairstyle is one that is easy to manage and maintain. My hairdresser does just that. Thank you, Denise. I have names of good hairdressers which I am happy to share should you need one.

So, whilst I await the pending grandson I am off to have my weekly hair wash and style. Need to look gorgeous for the photos and I want my new grandson to be as impressed with his granny as I will be with him.

Wishing you many a good hair day both now and in the future ……..



WHO is Abby Stacey?

Abby Stacey’s professional aim is to keep people looking young and beautiful! …… I met Abby at a lunch talk that I was presenting at Horton Grange earlier this year (another coming up in November). She came to talk with me about her own style and colour issues and booked a Consultation.

One Style & Colour Consultation later I knew that I could trust Abby with my eyebrows. I have never had particular thick brows but, post menopause, not only were they very light in colour but also very sparse. I have had them dyed – sometimes successfully and sometimes not. I have tried “no fail” products to thicken them and, of course, spent far too much time buying eyebrow pencils or creams that looked great when applied expertly in the shop but not so hot when I tried at home. All this is costing serious amounts of money per year for two bits of fur perched above the eyes BUT great eyebrows will lift and open the eyes making the wearer look younger, healthier and fitter without a scalpel in sight so how to get great looking, effective eyebrows without a constant throwing of cash into a bottomless pit?

Well, if anyone had told me that I would have tattoos anywhere – let alone on my face – I would have thought them very foolish indeed. But here I am with two tattoos and enormously happy with the results.

Time is saved every morning, no more scurrying around for the dream eyebrow products and I feel pretty good when I look in the mirror too.

So, who is Abby Stacey?

I am a state registered nurse specialising in cosmetic treatments and semi permanent makeup.

I believe in subtle treatments to enhance a woman’s natural beauty, allowing her to look and feel the best version of her self.

Prior to setting up my business I worked as a qualified senior psychiatric nurse in the NHS. I completed a BSc (hons) in Mental Health Nursing at the University of Surrey and worked in a large psychiatric hospital in the centre of London. I followed this up with further academic study at Middlesex University gaining a PGCert in Dual Diagnosis.

Working in a hospital meant that I met individuals suffering from, and with, anxiety and struggling with self confidence due to treatments and illnesses which left them with an affected appearance. For example, alopecia, treatments such as chemotherapy and mastectomys.

I started to look for answers and, as a first step, found out about cosmetic and medical tattooing..

Much research later I decided that this career was for me and embarked on the highest standard of training in the industry that I could find.

So, here I am with my own business, a treatment room in Blaydon and with many happy and wonderful clients coming through the door.

What do I do?

Because of my medical background, I have naturally attracted customers with medical conditions.

For instance … semi-permanent makeup for a client with alopecia. This picture is immediately after the treatment and the hair strokes will fade, soften and look more natural when healed.

Abby 1

But it isn’t all medical.

Abby 2

With lots of different shades available the colour is custom blended to suit you. Your eyebrows will be drawn on before the treatment begins and you can decide everything about them, with guidance if needed.

Jenny B has even had hers done!

“Thank you Abby … apart from wanting to sneeze for a moment the whole procedure was nothing more than scratchy at worst and, at best, has left me with a pair of eyebrows that look so good my husband took one look at me as I walked through the door and asked what was different because I had the look of Kristin Scott Thomas around the eyes!!!! Apart from that you cannot believe how wonderful it is to wake up each day with my eyes wonderfully framed and not an eyebrow pencil or dye in sight.”

Aesthetic treatments

I also provide a range of aesthetic services from botox to dermal fillers and lip enhancements.

As well as advanced treatments to reduce eye bags and hollowness around the eyes, cheek enhancements and non-surgical nose reshaping.

Abby 3

Above, a client who had a dermal filler treatment to reduce the lines around her mouth.

Below, a client whose lips have been made to look fuller and more symmetrical.   My aim is to listen to what my client wants, discuss how we can achieve it and give her the best cosmetic treatment in the North East, if not the world!


If you want to talk through any of the above you can contact me on 07730696671 and email for the blog or email at [email protected]. It will be lovely to hear from you.





JBe100bHave you heard of Colour Therapy? It is a holistic therapy that dates back a good thousand years or more and found in the ancient cultures of Egypt, India and China.

The basic premise is that the seven colours of the spectrum – VIBGYOR: violet, indigo, green, yellow, orange and red – can be used to target the body’s main “chakras” or energy centres and restore balance or stimulate energy whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Specific colours are used to treat parts of the body and to help alleviate symptoms such as stress, insomnia and immune deficiency.

Whether you believe this is likely, feasible or just nonsense I’ll leave you to decide. What I do know is that colour does make a difference in our lives. It cannot not.

We are surrounded by colour and from birth to death it has a profound effect and a profound meaning in our lives.

  • Would we paint a child’s nursery in black?
  • Why are libraries often painted in a soft green?
  • A red rag to a bull. Bold, strong, passionate.
  • Blue and green should never be seen…..

Colour influences our moods simply going out for a walk and experiencing the diverse, vibrant colours of nature can dramatically improve our mood.

Whether it’s the colours we choose in our homes or the clothes we wear we can either lift our spirits or depress them.

It makes sense then that through subtle changes in the way we use colour in our daily lives we can help to rebalance and redress the negative.

Simple, down to earth, steps …

We often choose clothing as a way of reflecting our current mood. In knowing this we can change the way we feel. For instance, if we are feeling depressed or lacking in confidence we will most naturally stretch into the wardrobe for clothes in colours that will express that depression or help to hide us when we are lacking confidence … dark, dull shades such as black or grey. Turn that around though and choose brighter colours and it will be very hard not to find an uplift in spirits and confidence. At business meetings I often wear bright scarlet underwear. No one else knows it is there – but I do!

Again, the colours that we choose to decorate our home in will have a profound effect on our day to day living. Certain colours will be beneficial for specific rooms in the house and help to create a harmonious living environment. Harmonious, that is with the way you want to live. A deep red bedroom will help to create warmth and passion; a bright yellow bedroom will stimulate mental activity, a soft blue will create calm and reassurance. You choose.

Have you noticed how fast food chains often use colours like red and yellow in advertising and signs? Studies have shown that these colours stimulate the appetite and influence spontaneous purchasing. Not a good idea then, if you are trying to eat less to use these colours in your kitchen or dining room.

Food is also a fantastic way of absorbing colour!! Naturally coloured food and drink eaten in an assortment benefits us both physically and mentally.

Sooooooo whilst the chill remains, the sky is dark and the rain falls in sheets think brightly by choosing colours to wear, live in and eat that make you look and feel healthy, soothe the soul and make you look young and feel positively bouncy. Surround yourself in positivity. If enough of us do it perhaps a rainbow will come out and chase the 50 or so shades of grey away.