baby bThis is our grandson at 8 weeks old wearing the same jumper that his father wore at around the same age. It was made by a work colleague’s wife as a gift. He asked many a time what we were going to call our bump and, as I couldn’t tell him, his wife put “baby” as an all rounder. What a result – this now means that ooooooooodles of Baby Bersins will be able to wear this very same jumper. A family heirloom is created! Thank you, Sue Reeve, for the conception of and the knitting of.

The purpose of this photo and short tale other than to show the gorgeous Andres off?

Quite simple. Style was 34 years ago … style is now and style will be in another 34 years or so. What worked for our son Jem and works for his son, Andres, is style! Always.

Battered, beaten and bruised by images of fashion perfection we forget that perfection lies with ourselves. We can create a look that flatters our shape and frames our personality IF we stop ourselves from falling into negative thinking and rise to the challenge of positive thinking instead.

It isn’t easy. If it was we would all be doing it and the fashion industry and the perfection quake would not exist. I wouldn’t have a job.

Last Friday I found myself in a church hall surrounded by babies and their mums and dads for a singing group. The singing didn’t happen as the leader had lost her voice but there was much playing and noise and interacting with toys and one another. The babies and toddlers all different shapes and sizes appeared very happy with being themselves. The dads didn’t seem too unhappy either.

Not so the mums. I heard many a conversation about the change in their bodies since childbirth. Not one comment was positive. All were looking back to the pre-baby body and many were wishing that they could return to the slimmer, svelter, better proportioned bodies they once had.

The truth is that if I had heard them speaking pre-baby bumps I am pretty sure that not one of them would have thought that the body they had then was exquisite and worth celebrating. Hindsight is an interesting thing but it doesn’t help us live in the now.

So, what do we need for now that will last us always?

Remember that great style has two essential elements: the factual and the emotional. Both need to be addressed.

Here’s how.


  • Be AWARE of what you have – don’t guess what your shape your body is, get the facts.
  • BALANCE what you want to – don’t wallow in negativity get it sorted.
  • CREATE shapes that give you the shape you want – positive thinking is needed
  • DIVERT from areas that you do not want others to notice – you choose
  • ENHANCE the areas that you want others to notice – you are in charge!


  • APPRECIATE what you have – if you don’t you won’t allow anyone else to.
  • BE YOU – finding the look that suits you means you will look like you – not a Barbie doll
  • CONFIDENCE – success creates more success.
  • DELIGHT – in what you have, you do not have faults – you do have features.
  • EMPOWER – knowledge is power.

As easy as ABCDE! You know where I am if you need some help along the way……..



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