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Why clients say Jenny B is THE BEST …

Speaker .. Trainer .. Personal Consultant

“If you haven’t heard of Jenny B – you should have. She is a jewel of a speaker and trainer and makes a room sparkle …. the day’s workshop was sublime.” Janice Fellowes. Guest. Cruise ship Ventura.

“Jenny is the best I have ever seen in this field.” Jane Anderson. Director. Radio WellBeing.

“I attended a corporate hospitality event at which the guest speaker was Jenny … it is by far the best such event I have attended and would have no hesitation in recommending her to friends, family and business contacts.” Jill Griffiths Partner Insight NE. Jesmond. Newcastle – upon – Tyne.

“Not just a professional speaker but an ENTERTAINER – the best of both worlds rolled into one!” Margaret Davidson. New Bodhi, Speaker & Author Anti-Ageing Day. Wooler. Northumberland.

“…a big thank you for the staff training & team building. Hard to know how it could have been bettered.” Joyce Anderson proprietor of Joyce Anderson. Corbridge.

“Jenny B is the complete professional, who combines her extensive practical skills and knowledge of style with a great ability to communicate effectively and a realistic yet sensitive approach to inspiring her clients to find out how to look their best in every way. A consultation or workshop or talk with her is fun, an excellent learning experience and a really worthwhile investment.” J.M.Dunbar. Carlisle.

Jenny is an international style and image consultant based in the North East. Think of her as a one woman Susannah and Trinny but much kinder … a female Gok Wan without the need to truss a woman into an alien shape ….. Nicky Hambleton-Jones without the knife!

Working with individuals, small groups, private & public sector corporations, charities, hotels, – in fact with anyone who wants to enjoy and understand how style can work for them both personally and professionally because effective style is what you know not how much you spend.

Featured in many publications including “The Mail on Sunday” and “Accent”, seen on GMTV and dubbed the “North East’s style guru” Jenny has also had many articles on style issues published. As well as her monthly blog: jennybstyle.co.uk and e.newsletter. “The Style Teller”, is on its way!

So far she has travelled to venues all over England, Europe, the Mediterranean, the Carribean and South America spreading the style word:

“If we wear clothes style isn’t an option – it says who we are, what we are and where we want to be. Your own style should speak loudly and clearly, it is your outer skin and you should be entirely at one with it. Which is why Mother Theresa and Hannah Hauxwell are as much my style icons as Audrey Hepburn and Michelle Obama. Knowing how we wear clothes & what messages they give is a life skill. The more we know the more effective we become. “

She has been approached, amongst others, by Harvey Nichols, Dubai, and Deloitte, London, for style talks, corporate hospitality events and staff training and team building:

“On first meeting we are summed up within the first 30 seconds – 7% on what we say and 58% on our body language and appearance. Perfecting our personal effectiveness creates success”

When not travelling and style talking she has her small but beautifully formed style studio – The Style Room – where she gives 1-1 and small group consultations in Colour, Style, Wardrobe Management and Personal Shopping. Helping clients to develop their own look and to make their own style choices “… learning the rules and the intellectual property behind style so that you can use them or abuse them in a way that suits you – always and in all ways !”

For me, my job is about enabling clients to find their unique style personally, professionally and in their home, enhancing their confidence and prospects and finding the best in themselves because whilst fashion is a need to be identified by the labels that are worn, the accessories carried,and how much money is conspicuosly spent … the individual is lost behind a facade and becomes part of a crowd, however elite.

Style, on the other hand lends itself to being idiosyncratic and personal. It is the perfectly clear shining through of the individual:

“Dear Jenny B ….. Thanks for a lovely day, all your help and tips. I feel like a new woman! My husband has noticed too!”

Margrethe Harrington. Client.

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